GUWIL Women for Others Gala

The Georgetown Women in Leadership Women for Others Gala honors the exceptional women of the Georgetown campus, including students, faculty, and staff which which students have nominated. The Gala works to spread the mentality that women of Georgetown ought to honor each other because when one woman succeeds, we all do. The Gala keeps the amazing women of this campus in mind so to promote the successes of the women helping other women and to honor the meaningful work they do here every day. Award winners range between industries, majors, and backgrounds so to offer fair recognition to all of the various women Georgetown is home to.

On April 12th, 2016, GUWIL is thrilled to announce our Inaugural Women for Others Gala raised a grand total of $925.41 to donate to the Tahirih Justice Center! The Tahirih Justice Center is a national non-profit that has served nearly 19,000 courageous individuals fleeing violence since 1997. Our efficient, effective, and innovative model of service is now delivered from three locations, and we’re committed to serving as many immigrant women and girls as possible."  

On March 24th, 2017, GUWIL is excited to announce that we have raised $855.00 for N-Street Village, a non-profit that offers supportive services to homeless and at-risk women in the Washington DC area. Check out the great work they do here. Thanks to all who came and supported these amazing organizations!