Get Involved


GU Women in Leadership has many opportunities for leadership. It is part of our mission to help hone leadership skills among our members as well as create learning experiences which foster personal and professional growth.

Organization Committees (Recruits at the beginning of Fall & Spring semesters):

Joining a committee is a great way for new members to get involved, meet new people, and see what GUWIL is all about. It is also a perfect way for long standing members to get involved, but with a smaller time commitment.


In order to offer a multitude of unique opportunities aimed at assisting the personal and professional growth of women, GUWIL relies on our sponsors to expand our financial resources and your continuous support is greatly appreciated. Opportunities to partner with GUWIL are throughout the year.

If you are interested in contributing to our organization, sending a representative to campus, supporting one of our events, joining us in philanthropy, finding interns or full-time hires, or getting involved in any way you see fit, please reach out to us at