Back to School Countdown: Day 4

Ali Medellin (COL ’16) interned for the consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton, this summer. She worked on their Business Development team in San Antonio, TX. She liked the fast-paced work environment and how well-rounded the company culture was, but most of all she loved the problem solving nature of the work. Go Ali!

Back to School Countdown: Day 5

Sam Di Paola worked as a GEM program merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel (a jewelry company). GEM program stands for Growth and Empowerment through Merchandising. The program was developed to give college females an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial, communication and other career based skills. Here she is pictured wearing one of the items she sells while traveling in Quebec City. Looks great, Sam!

Back to School Countdown: Day 6

This is Emily Cyr (COL '16) and she writes for the GUWIL blog.  This summer she interned with Fox News on the show 'Special Report with Bret Baier' in DC. She got to meet multiple presidential candidates, and use her GUWIL blog writing experience to write for the show's blog. She says it was a lot of fun and an exciting time to be there! 

Back to School Countdown: Day 7

This summer, GUWIL member, Sheina Sakhrani, traveled to some amazing places! She spent her 19th birthday exploring Hong Kong which included an adventure that took her in a glass cable car and up many flights up stairs to chill with the big Buddha. She is seen here traveling through India on what looks like an incredible trip! 

Back to School Countdown: Day 8

GUWIL co-founder, Ava Arroyo, worked at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA this summer as a product marketing intern for Google Maps! Ava enjoyed the experience because she loves working closely with product, storytelling, and user research. Google Maps is also her favorite Google product so it was a great fit. This photo is one of many of Google's cool marketing campaigns - Androidify- where you can design your own Android!

Ok Ava, we are all officially jealous now.

Back to School Countdown: Day 9

Liz Jolley ('16), GUWIL member (pictured on the right), interned at American Express this summer in their Finance Department on the Investment Optimization team. She has received a full time offer for next year. Congratulations, Liz! Sounds like you are on to big things.

Back to School Countdown: Day 10

GUWIL blogger, Meg DiMartino, interned for Donna Brazile this summer, where Donna taught her to always use her voice. Meg is excited to continue working for Donna as a TA for her Women in American Politics class at Georgetown this Fall! (Which still has open seats). Congrats on an awesome summer Megan--wishing you all the best as a TA this semester!


Back to School Countdown: Day 11

Our former VP, Bethany Blakeman, worked as an assistant to local editorial and lifestyle photographer Kate Warren, a speaker at our first Own It summit. Her company, gokateshoot photographs the DC social scene for the Washington Post, among other clients. Bethany helped organized photoshoots around DC and got to explore the city far beyond the reaches of Georgetown. So cool! 

Back to School Countdown: Day 12

Caitlin DeSantis (class of '16), GUWIL member, interned this summer at Under Armour in Baltimore, where she worked in the archives department organizing product history. Sounds like such an awesome opportunity!


Back to School Countdown: Day 13

This summer, GUWIL member, Rachel Skaar (class of '18), interned for the Montana Department of Commerce, where she independently created a brand new social media campaign focused on the Montana lifestyle. Sounds awesome to us!

Back to School Countdown: Day 14

Check out GUWIL member Bianca Soler interning this summer at Neutrogena in LA! Originally for Puerto Rico, Bianca is a senior in the MSB and was able to take advantage of her marketing major by working on Neutrogena's marketing team! Go Bianca!


Back to School Countdown: Day 16

Love this! Longtime GUWIL member Kate Tocci (left) interned at Tory Burch in international sales and also spent the summer exploring the sights of NY and trying out some amazing restaurants!  Congrats on a fantastic summer Kate!



Back to School Countdown: Day 18

Can you spot the GUWIL member, Elaina Koros pictured here with Sheryl Sandberg? Elaina (left) interned at Facebook this summer and worked just desks away from Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg! She helped launch two new products for the company and was offered a full time position after graduation. Go Elaina!


Back to School Countdown: Day 19

So excited to introduce our FIRST #GUWILSummerSpotlight: Catherine Dewing-Hommes! Catherine (far right) is a rising Senior and worked as a Nike Rio 2016 Olympic Global Sales Intern this summer. Here she is pictured with two coworkers post Nike Training Club Session, a workout that she says is a real challenge, but fun to do with friends.