You’re Such a Girl

By: Olivia Jenkins 

"You're such a girl,” said Girl 2 to Girl 1.

Girl 1 likes the color pink. She often sprawls out on her furry carpet to paint her nails with multiple issues of Teen Vogue scattered all around her like a séance. She carefully chooses her outfits in the mirror, making sure that her lavender cardigan properly matches her cream ballet flats.

Girl 2 likes the color orange. She plays basketball, softball, and dabbles in soccer. She has one unworn dress in her closet, stashed behind her basketball uniform and piles of Calculus and Biology textbooks.

Girl 1 dreams of being a fashion designer.

Girl 2 dreams of being a pharmacist.

Girl 1 always knows the latest celebrity gossip.

Girl 2 always knows who won last night’s game.

Which girl do you think is more of a girl?

If you answered honestly, there is a big chance that you chose Girl 1, as did I. Why can’t Girl 2 be just as “girly” as Girl 1?

Here’s a challenge: consider what you think makes a girl a girl. Does your definition of a girl wear a skirt and listen to boy bands? Or is she passionate about politics and wears t-shirts of her favorite sports teams? Both are equally as “girly.”

I don’t think that there should be any standard of what a girl is supposed to be, how she is supposed to act, or what she is supposed to be interested in. The great thing about living in the 21st century is that our society is beginning to recognize that females aren’t only meant to play one role. We are blessed to live in a world where we don’t have to be stuck in any predetermined jobs based on our gender. I applaud the women who break down the barriers in their occupations and make room for more women to enter fields like S.T.E.M or governmental positions. However, it’s important to remember in our chase for gender equality, that we aren’t looking down on women who choose to do “traditionally feminine things,” like wanting to work in the fashion industry or being a stay-at-home mother.

Femininity comes in all different flavors.