We Got in Formation

By: Claire Goldberg

In what was the largest protest in the history of our nation, women took to the streets and marched for their rights on Jan. 20. In D.C., Los Angeles, New York and everywhere in between, women stood up for what they believe in. It was a part of history. It was a community of support, love and acceptance. And everyone who I spoke to felt an overwhelming positivity from the power of women in leadership.

In D.C., people were packed along the National Mall with signs reading, “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights,” “My Body My Choice” and innumerable other slogans. Many marchers wore pink “pussyhats,” while some people were covered in glitter and others wore American flags. The scene was diverse and positive. It was the definition of patriotic. It was peaceful and passionate. And, in the way of the popular chant, it was “what democracy looks like.”

At the end of the day as I looked at the photos of the marches from across the country, I was astounded at the power of women. So many people turned out to support our rights, and to support other people’s opinions and backgrounds, even if they were not shared. The majority of women who participated are pro-choice and in favor of equal rights, but there was a definite message of inclusivity that allowed women of all parties and beliefs to march together.

The fact of the matter is that women showed America as a whole that we are truly stronger together. We have to work together. We have to recognize our differences, recognize that white women have it better off than women of color, but not let that divide our mission. Women were loud and clear that the new president of this country is going to have an uphill battle in taking away our rights.

Millions upon millions of women woke up on the morning of January 20th across the world and protested against a new president who does not respect our gender and does not believe in togetherness. They protested against a man who lies and claims sexual assault and attempts to strike fear in the hearts of Americans. Us women (and our allies) were there for each other, and were there to show that there is no force stronger than women united.

Women across the world were leaders. We fought for our rights, for our justice and for our equality with peace and dignity. We were creative and funny and smart and kind. Despite the fact that a president who lacks any of those qualities was just sworn in, the power of the female will prevail, and our strength in numbers will determine who is really in charge.