We, the Women of Georgetown: Reflection on the “Women for Others” Gala

By Meg DiMartino

I am sitting in my office while writing this, a Monday afternoon and I am still on a high from the Inaugural “Women for Others” GUWIL Gala last Saturday night. It is really getting me through the afternoon slump. It was such an honor to be able to award women who were nominated by the people of the campus across diverse backgrounds, industries, and experiences for their incredible work. I am still in awe of and overwhelmed by how impressive these women are! Each of them has myriad accomplishments, and they all operate for a cause. They go out of their way to sacrifice their own time, social life, and sleep to help other people. They are model “Women for Others,” and it was so humbling to be able to honor them through the GU Women in Leadership organization on campus, especially for the greater cause of benefiting the Tahirih Justice Center, which works to create safe communities for women and girls in at risk situations.

As Alana Snyder (GUWIL co-founder and former President) spoke about at the Gala, GUWIL has become such a warm and growing community on campus that I am so proud of every day. I love seeing our classic ‘W’ on all kinds of things across campus- from laptops to water bottles to phone cases. It’s so great to see something built off the ground. We are a community with strong values and it is comforting to know that these women will look out for each other in a multitude of ways.

Further, because I simply cannot get enough of them, the Gala Planning Committee is a perfect focus group for all of the ideals discussed here. Each and every girl on this committee was dedicated to the cause in the most genuine way I have ever witnessed. I cannot believe how amazing each individual is and I am so #blessed to have had the opportunity to work with them. I CAN’T WAIT to see where this event will go in the future and I am so confident entrusting these girls with it.

By showing up last Saturday it meant that we, the women of Georgetown, are committed to raising each other up, rather than feeling slighted when another woman succeeds. We, the women of Georgetown, believe that other women are not our competition. We, the women of Georgetown, stand together rather than against each other. We, the women of Georgetown, are able to rise above selfish cattiness and put aside differences to recognize that your accomplishments do not diminish mine. This is a pretty bad a$$ sentiment and I am so proud that it could be manifested through GUWIL and this Gala.

An ending quote from my favorite poet: "We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women around us are."