Nasty Women of the World, UNITE!

By Claire Goldberg

Wednesday night’s debate brought on the newest Trump claim: Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman. Well you know what, ME F*CKING TOO. You know how many nasty women are out there owning out and ruling the world? Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, RBG, Ana Navarro, Elizabeth Warren. The list goes on. So thank you, Donald Trump, for giving the feminist movement our newest catchphrase.

Hillary Clinton goes out there, on the daily, and has to take criticism, attacks and outrageous questions with a supposed poise and grace. Well you know what? Sometimes she has to strike back. Sometimes she’s gotta drag Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican Party. Sometimes she’s gotta be nasty. Because she is strong, and she is powerful, and she can rock a pantsuit in any damn color. So yeah, that woman is NASTY.

Beyonce. BEYONCE. Remember when Destiny’s Child came out with “Nasty Girl”? What an ANTHEM. Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly the most positive take on being nasty, but she still owned the word. Beyonce is yet another powerful woman considered threatening, because they know she’s smart and loud and she speaks the truth. But that woman won’t quit, and she’ll keep being an empowering role model for all us nasty women out there.

Michelle Obama is constantly on the campaign trail, defending the women of the world, making it clear that, “When they go low, we go high.” She rocked that Versace dress, but furthermore, wore it as a form of feminism. She has fought for women’s rights, for health and body positivity, she has fought for all of us. Hell yeah she’s a nasty woman, and quite possibly the best FLOTUS we’ve ever had.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is calling people out left and right. She might be 83 years old and 5’1”, but that woman can dissent like no other. She got drunk at the State of the Union last year, and she owned up to it, but is also living her life to the fullest and not apologizing for it. She’s a nasty woman, she won’t let the men on the Court demean her. She stands up for women’s rights and calls out her fellow justices that don’t.

And then there is every other woman in America who has stood up against Donald Trump by tweeting, by talking, by voting. There are the women who go up against pundits and Trump surrogates on national news and on the internet, and they take them down, piece by piece. Ana Navarro, Elizabeth Warren, Donna Brazile. So many women who aren’t afraid to put their voices out there and to shut down the nonsense that is coming from right-wing men. 

So I say, nasty women of the world, unite. Come together, and show Trump that we are nasty and we are PROUD. We don’t have to sit pretty and stay home. We’re standing up, we’re going out, and we’re gonna be as nasty as we can possibly be. Because we are about to have the first female President of the United States. And I think that’s pretty damn nasty.