Hill Yes!

By Meg DiMartino

It is Thursday, 10:35 AM and Hillary Clinton announced less than four whole days ago and I have received Snapchats, tweets, messages, telling me “my girl” is running.

I have also gotten into only three politically charged arguments defending Hil and her logo, which is surprising because people really do not like the logo. “It’s too Silicon Valley.” “I’m not voting for FedEx!” “You can make the arrow say ‘I’m with Stupid!’”

Long sigh.

The bottom line is, whether you love Hillary or don’t you are still going to read that article recently posted online about how she likes guac in her Chipotle burrito bowl. If she decides to wear a yellow blazer to a press conference or town hall meeting in Ames, Iowa, that will be analyzed online as well. No matter what she does, she is in the media and people comment and have remarks. One of the things I always remember from her talk last February at a “No Ceilings” event at New York University, was when Hillary said,

“When you look at the challenges of being a change-maker and being willing to buck the establishment it’s important to learn how to take criticism seriously but not personally, and to do what you have to be willing to hear what others who are your critics are saying and to evaluate where they are coming from.”

A person in this line of work needs thick skin and a hardhat—especially if she is a woman. Hillary raises an important idea, it’s crucial to realize who your critics are and just who the haters are with empty opinions and bad faith. People are always going to criticize Hillary for ordering guac on a burrito bowl but at the end of the day she doesn’t take these petty things into account because they just don’t matter. She has her ideals and motivations in too much of focus to be discouraged. Hillary has always attracted heavy criticism. People get mad that she’s a woman, people get mad at her because of Bill’s actions, people just get mad and her resilience is really inspiring and something I really try to withhold in life. So Hill yeah, I’m ready. I’m ready for Hillary to be the next President and to change an institution to be equal regardless of gender. I am ready to watch Hillary kick some serious GOP man butt.