House of Cards: Claire Underwood

By Meg DiMartino

Okay, so House of Cards season three came out on February 28th, which means everyone was done watching by 11 pm the same day, right? I am a huge House of Cards fan and something that really stood out to me this season was Claire and Frank’s marriage dynamic because it seems a lot different than in the previous two seasons. Claire, in my opinion, is a very strong woman and a very complex character. I sort of always liked how Claire and Frank’s marriage was a partnership in decision making but this decision it seems like Claire is sick of it and is more interested in investing in her goals, which is majorly important. Being the First Lady just is not enough for her, or so it seems. At one point she even says, “I’ve been in the passenger seat for decades.” Claire over and over again expresses her readiness to make a political move outside of her partnership with Frank. As the season continues, more and more things occur to the couple and her voice grows louder and louder. Check out this article by Patricia Garcia from Vogue on this very topic. Be careful—there are a few plot spoilers.

I think a lot of times television shows need interpretation, check out an avid House of Cards expert and his opinion on Claire’s role this season.

Mr. Vik Shah, Manbassador, on Claire’s role this season: “I think she has been a lot more assertive and she has been fighting for what she believes in rather than in the past two seasons when she was a supporting role for Frank. I think viewers forget how strong and ambitious she is but this season specifically she has found the will (the GUWIL ;) ) to stand up to Frank because to him, his marriage is a means to an end because Claire was very wealthy when he married her and her father financed his first four political campaigns. I applaud her for standing up to Frank because she has a right to have her own ambitions and he has to respect that.”

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