Welcome to the Woman Wagon.

By Allie Heymann

I was standing at the SAC Fair a few weekends ago, observing the crowds moving between the tables, drawn to the outposts like bits of metal to magnets. Manning the Georgetown University Women in Leadership (GUWIL) table was the ideal vantage point for people watching, and I enjoyed the bustle and motion of the campus around me. In the midst of all the chaos, a cheery voice drew my attention: “Excuse me,” a curious freshman asked, “What is GUWIL?” In a moment of panic, having been pulled from a distracted state, I choked “What isn’t GUWIL?!” In retrospect, it was a rather dumb thing to say. But then again, it was also the perfect thing to say. Because  GUWIL is a new organization here on the hilltop, and it has the power and the capacity to be anything and everything for undergraduate Hoya women.

What does GUWIL mean to you?

Here’s what I think: (http://thecorp.org/blog/2013/09/guwil-women-in-leadership/).

I am, however, only one voice. And we are a community of young women with a variety of talents, opinions, and ideas. This blog is here to service us a whole, and it is intended as a blank canvas. So share often and be profound. Pen your inner-ramblings. Start a dialogue. Georgetown is waiting to hear what you have to say.

Hoya Saxa, and Welcome to the Woman Wagon!