Summit Spotlight: Kendall Ciesemier, Summit Co-Chair

GUWIL’s first-annual Own It Summit is nearly a month away, and our team is working night and day in preparation for the big event. In the weeks leading up to the summit, we will be featuring the young women who are making #OWNIT2014 a reality.

Kendall Ciesemier, COL 2015

Follow: @kciesemier

Q: What is your role, in a nutshell?

A: Emails emails emails. Meetings meetings meetings meetings. Phone calls phone calls phone calls. All day err day. I book panelists, meet with our sponsors, meet with administration, and lead the summit team.

Q: Who is your role model/ #GirlCrush and/or what speaker are you most looking forward to?

A: I have dozens and dozens of #girlcrushes (um Lisa Ling)… like a ridiculous amount of them. I’m really looking forward to the media panel because that’s where my major interest lies: Norah O’Donnell, Alex Wagner, and Mary Jordan. I’m also looking to reconnecting with my friend Richelle Parham who is sitting on the business panel. She’s a good example of a girl crush of mine who isn’t even in my preferred career field. She is just a kickass woman who has the greatest heart! She also has been so incredible in helping put this summit together. Love her.

Q: Favorite moment working on the summit team:

While there are so many awesome moments and so many more to come, I would say that my meeting with Ambassador Verveer and Helen was a good one. Ambassador Verveer was really excited about the event and thought we had done a lot of work thus far. It was in the early stages of development and was one of our first big meetings. Ambassador Verveer was a little impressed I think and that gave us confidence. I think Helen and I came out of that meeting thinking that this summit was possible and maybe even more than that it could really be a big event. I guess my moments would be typically at the end of meetings where I just look at Helen and say, “how the hell is this coming together?!” We’ve been really lucky to have so many amazing people helping us along the way.

This whole process has been so incredible. I believe it will be my most rewarding experience at Georgetown.

Q: What is one example of how you Own It on the daily? 

I seek to own my self-worth on the daily by believing in myself and helping others do the same. Smiling helps.

Q: In three words, what do you hope attendees will walk away with from the summit?

Empowerment. Relationships. Excitement.

Q: What’s your dream career? 

I want to host my own docu-series or talk show. Basically I want to tell cool stories about cool people.  Career idol: Lisa Ling. Look. her. up.

Q: On a Saturday you can be found:

Watching endless hours of House of Cards, answering emails, and maybe getting to my homework if I master self-discipline.

Q: What will get you through the day of the summit? 

 My crazy adrenaline (note: keep me away from the coffee). Beyonce tunes. Helen Brosnan. All of our fantastic volunteers. Also I’ll probably cry at some point during the day.  So there’s that.

 In one sentence, give an elevator pitch for:

1) Why an undergraduate woman should attend the summit:

  You should attend the summit to hear from and meet your career idols, become besties with them, and become inspired by all the girl power that will be floating around the MSB.

2) Why an undergraduate man should attend the summit:

You should attend the summit to hear from and meet your career idols (they are cool no matter if you are a girl or a guy) and to be a part of the largest intentional congregation of Georgetown women (hello prospective dates!).