GUWIL Hoya Spotlight – Tiara Kawser

BIO: Tiara Kawser is a senior in the MSB, majoring in finance and marketing. She is originally from Sydney, Australia but calls multiple cities home, having never lived in one country for more than 5 years. Tiara loves being involved on campus and is currently working as a marketing and programming assistant at the Center for Student Engagement. She is one of the founding board members of the Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association and has served on the Georgetown Program Board as Special Events Chair and Concerts Chair. Tiara loves to channel creativity in everything she does—especially with her studies and extracurricular activities. In her free time she loves to paint, experiment with illustrator, and excessively doodle.

Q: How did you get interested in your major and how did you decide it was something you wanted to pursue?
A: I didn’t want to limit myself from any opportunities by pursuing just one major and I felt that the combination of marketing and finance would allow me to cater to both my creative and analytical side. After taking a few classes in each subject, it was clear to me how applicable my leanings were to what I do on campus. On the grand scheme of things, having a thorough understanding of both studies is crucial to the success of any business –you need to know how to appeal to your consumers yet be realistic of your fiscal limitations.

Q: In what capacity have you been involved with Estée Lauder Companies?
A: I’ve interned with Estée Lauder Companies for the past three years in various different brands and departments. After my freshman year I interned in the skincare product development department for the Estée Lauder brand. During my junior year I spent the semester abroad and was given the incredible opportunity to intern in Sydney, Australia for Bobbi Brown, supporting the brand’s marketing and PR functions. This past summer, I was able to translate my affiliate experience straight to Bobbi’s headquarters in NYC, which gave me a very holistic view of the company and how it manages its local and global business functions.

Q: What did you do standout when applying for your internships in the beauty industry?
A: I wasn’t afraid to put myself out there. Networking is key and I always made sure to take initiative in reaching out to those involved in the company. I made sure to ask questions, express my interest, and share my aspirations that I felt aligned with what the company stands for.

Q: How did you prep for your interviews?
A: I tried to anticipate the questions they would ask me and wrote down answers to help me feel mentally prepared. Moreover, I made sure to reflect on my strengths and unique skills beforehand so I could easily talk about how I would be an asset to their team. I researched the company, their values, and mission statement so I could relate my experiences to what they were looking for in an applicant. Most importantly, I made sure to relax and be myself! Never try to be somebody you are not!

Q: How are you able to stay balanced when you are juggling club leadership, academics and part-time employment?
A: I feel like I have always had a demanding schedule trying to balance my academics with my involvement on campus. During my freshman year I was Special Events chair for the Georgetown Program Board and was in charge of planning the Spring Charity Fashion Show. I had to learn how to effectively manage my time, stay on top of tasks, and be calm even in the direst situations. Similarly, during my junior year I was given the responsibility of planning the spring concert—and this year I have to manage my time between two jobs, five classes, and keeping up with extracurriculars. I think the best way to deal with any strenuous schedule is to keep tabs on everything that you are doing. I have about 20 to-do lists on my dashboard and live religiously off my i-cal. It helps to visualize what you need to do each week and highlight projects to focus on in the long-term. Most importantly, I make sure not to psych myself out—mental reassurance and a positive attitude can make all the difference!

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you faced in the workplace and how did you overcome it?
A: I think in general my biggest challenge is not letting stress get in the way of being an effective leader. You lead by example so I always try to stay as cool as a cucumber even when the world might seem like its falling apart.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who was interested in the same field? To a freshman?
A: Get involved—If you’re not sure what you want to do, test and trial at Georgetown! I’ve discovered a lot about my passions through being part of different clubs and activities, more so than simply learning out of a textbook. There’s such a diverse range of associations on campus and being a part of them is the best way to immerse yourself in different fields that reflect what you study. Being part of the Retail & Luxury Association allowed me to meet and learn from many influential leaders in the industry, which has inspired my career path. The Program Board has taught me how much I love planning large-scale events, developing marketing campaigns, and has helped me strengthen my interpersonal skills.

Q: What does feminism mean to you? Modern feminism?
A: In its simplest form, feminism represents that men and women are equal. To me there shouldn’t be a distinction between a feminist and a person who doesn’t identify as a feminist. The ideological foundations of feminism should be inherent in our rational thinking about the relationships between men and women. The sad reality is that this point isn’t necessarily true in our society. But for me, if at any point I feel devalued because I am a woman, I use my frustration as adrenaline to drive my personal and professional success.

Q: How has your Georgetown education thus far prepared you for your future?
A: My Georgetown experience has prepared me to face adverse and complicated challenges head on. I’ve learned more than I would have ever imagined during my time here—both in and out of the classroom. More than anything, I feel prepared to tackle any situation, embrace diversity, and think with an open mind.

Q: What’s the best piece of professional or career advice you’ve ever received?
A: Pursue your passion. The average person will spend 93,600 hours of their life at work. So do what you love, and love what you do.

Q: Where do you see yourself going from here…what’s your next move?
A: Heading off to the Big Apple to work in the Beauty industry… then we’ll see what happens from there!

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