An Open Letter to the GUWIL Community

by Alana Snyder

Dear Fellow GUWIL Members,
Few experiences at Georgetown have compared to the one I’ve had through GUWIL. This past semester represents the culmination of my contributions to the group and I can honestly say I feel more confident than ever that GUWIL will continue to be an incredible resource for the Georgetown community. Today I write this respectful request to you, the members, to continue to foster the incredible GUWIL culture that has developed through your enthusiasm and involvement.
GUWIL’s vision has always been to bridge the gap between undergraduate and post-grad life, and each semester that vision has become reality through a dedication to strong programming and our members’ commitment to consistent attendance and support. Since the beginning, our values have centered on careers, connections, and community.

We appreciate that Georgetown has been such a welcoming environment to our organization—from SAC’s support in helping us host events to CSE’s aid with budgeting, GUWIL has become a community staple. Over the course of time, our members have defined what it means to participate in GUWIL, and that definition is well known across campus.
Our long-term goal is to ensure that our members’ voices are heard. We want GUWIL’s programming to be servicing the community’s needs, whatever those might be. We believe that we can continue to offer our members the best opportunities to grow as leaders for generations to come—even if the gender wage gap is alleviated, GUWIL will operate in whatever capacity it can to make sure that men and women preparing to enter the workplace understand the value in having equal pay for equal work.
I truly look forward to all that GUWIL will become from here. This year has already been an incredible one, thanks to the Executive Board, the committees, and the members. I would like to extend a huge thanks to the Executive Board for tirelessly working to make GUWIL a stronger organization. From leading committees to attending every meeting, this group is one I am happy to call my friends.
I am proud of Georgetown and its commitment to women’s leadership. For those of you who are not yet members, whether you are a committed feminist or just curious as to our mission, I encourage you to attend a meeting at some point to get a sense of how inspiring it is to be involved in something so powerful and authentic.
Alana Snyder
GUWIL Co-Founder and President (2012-2015)