Mission, Vision, and History

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The mission of GU Women in Leadership (GUWIL) is to provide undergraduate women of all GU schools, with the necessary resources to excel in the workforce; aiming to foster a network where members can learn and grow through our main focus areas: Careers, Connections, and Community. 


To “bridge the gap” between undergraduate and post-grad life for women.



In Fall 2012, two first-year undergraduate women— Alana Snyder and Ava Arroyo— conceived an organization for undergraduate women interested in elevating themselves personally and professionally. The pair realized early on in their Georgetown careers that there was a network missing for undergraduate women. GU Women in Leadership was born out of this need. 

With only a handful of members at its conception, GUWIL now boasts a core membership base of over 100 strong. Since its introduction to Georgetown, GUWIL has hosted a variety of events. Some of the most popular events include BYOB (Bring Your Own Boy), our resume workshop and a guest speaker event with entrepreneur and GUWIL alum, Luisa Santos.


GU Women in Leadership (GUWIL) welcomes undergraduate women of all majors and grade levels at Georgetown to join our organization. We believe the unique dynamic and mission of our organization fosters growth and learning experiences no matter the major or age. As a student organization, GUWIL aims to build a network of strong Georgetown women and provide career-oriented guidance for its members through the following programs:

  • Core Member Dinners

  • The Guest Speaker Series

  • Skill-Based Workshops

  • The Annual Georgetown Women for Others Gala


The GU Women in Leadership (GUWIL) Mentorship Program matches freshmen with juniors and sophomores with seniors. This program’s mission is to connect members of the GUWIL community who share a common interest or skill set. The goal of the program is to foster relationships within GUWIL so that our members have a “go-to” person on campus to whom they can ask any questions relating to careers, connections, and community.

 The matching process is lengthy as we strive to ensure that every pair is built on a solid foundation. Requiring very little time, this program is an amazing resource to our members. Mentors and mentees decide on their own how much time they would like to dedicate to one another. For the connections that really hit it off, we expect them to stay in touch far past graduation.